How do I choose my design?
Check one of the gallery pages (above), or call us for a FREE consultation / estimate.

Do you take the lights down at the end of the season?
Yes. removing the lighting display is part of our service, and it is included in the quote we provide for you before we start. We begin taking lights down January 2nd and guarantee to have them removed no later than the 15th of January. 

Is your work guaranteed? 
Absolutely 100%. Our success depends on satisfied customers / referrals from those Customers. Repairs, burnt out bulbs, wacky timers, etc. will be fixed within 24 hours. We are dedicated to building long-lasting customer relationships

How many strands does it take to decorate a tree?
The number of strands varies depending on the size and desired visual effect.

Are there electrical requirements?
Yes, a large number amount of lights will require a few dedicated circuits, or multiple. Our technicians have been trained properly to ensure electrical problems will not occur. If for some reason they do, we offer 24 hour turn around service calls.

How much does an estimate cost?
Estimates are FREE, send us an e-mail or give us a “jingle”.

How much advance notice do I need to schedule an installation?
Due to the high demand for Christmas Lighting “New” & “Repeat” clientele are urged to schedule an appointment (or at least an estimate) ASAP. Many clients have booked before Halloween even ends,.....the sooner the better!

When can my Christmas decorations be installed?
Christmas decorating begins in the month of November and continues until approximately the 15th of December. Removals begin after the New Year and are “wrapped up” by the 15th of January.

Do my Christmas lights stay on all day?
No. we use timers on all installations unless the client chooses to manually operate his / her lights.

What if a strand goes out?
We will maintain the decorations throughout the Holiday Season, provided that the lights were purchased through us &/or tampering has not occurred. In that case a $40 fee would apply.

Who provides the decorations?
You can use your own, or you can choose to purchase lights at a discount from us.

Do I get to keep the decorations?
Yes. The decorations are yours to keep; we will properly package them for you once the Holiday Season is over in anticipation of next year.

How much do Christmas lights cost?
The cost of your lighting will depend on the size & type of lights you choose. Check our Product & Pricing page for a guide on what to expect. We make every effort to give accurate pricing, however because every Home & Tree is different circumstances may cause an increase or decrease in prices. Packages start as low as $175. Removal is NOT included in installation price. Removal costs start at $40 (depending on size of job). We can provide you with more than one design option so that you can choose from a range of prices.

What does your holiday decorating services include?
Our services include professional design, installation, maintenance, and removal. We work close with all our clients and maintain a standard of excellence, quality and professionalism. Including Tree Delivery Service.

              C.G.A.   "Christmas Got Awesome"